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Lima Fashion Week fall 2014 | Day 3 look

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Lima, Perú

I've been going every day to LIFWEEK and I forgot to take pictures of my outfits. I promise I'll contact the people who took me photos on these days to share on the blog. I love to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in a while and talk about EVERYTHING! 
Don't miss the photos and videos I'm constantly up loading with what happens in the show and throughout the event through the Facebook fan page and my Instagram. I've been a little missing in the blog but I update daily the other social networks I left before so follow me in those links too. x

He estado yendo todos los días al LIFWEEK y he olvidado de tomar fotos de mis tenidas. Prometo contactarme con las personas que me tomaron fotos en estos días para compartirlas en el blog. Me encanta reencontrarme con amigas que no veo hace mucho y conversar DE TODO!
No se pierdan las fotos ni los videos que estoy subiendo constantemente de lo que pasa en los desfiles y en todo el evento a través del fan page de Facebook y mi Instagram. He estado un poco desaparecida en el blog pero a diario actualizo super seguidos las otras redes sociales que les dejé arriba. x

Anita (Fashion Everywhere) - Carlita (Miss Murder Blog) - ME (Tipsy Valqui)
I really love when I share these moments with friends and long talks!
Visit Carla's blog!!! It's not a typical fashion blog! (HERE)

Thank you <3 Love you all

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