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LFW SS15 - street style

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London is one of my favourites cities in the whole world; I've never been there but it's one of my dreams (I have a wishlist of "the countries I want to travel to..." and sure England is one in the Top 3). 

I think this city is so interesting because of the architecture, the people, the accent, the culture... I don't know... Maybe Harry Potter started this obsession?! Hahaha Maybe, right? But taking about the fashion, I like the "classy vibe" the women have.

I don't know how exactly or when but I have to travel to London in less than 3 years (please please pleeease God, are you listening, actually, are you reading this?!) and maybe to make the travel perfect sure I wanna go with my boyfriend or with my best friends fashionistas.

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Londrés es uno de mis ciudades favoritas de tooodo el mundo; nunca he ido pero es uno de mis sueños (tengo una lista de "países a los que quiero ir..." y de todas formas Inglaterra está dentro de mi Top 3).

No sé cómo ni cuándo pero tengo que viajar a Londrés en menos de 3 años (por favor por favor por favorcito Dios, me estas escuchando, bueno, ¿me estas leyendo?!) y quizá para hacer el viaje perfecto de todas formas quiero ir con mi noviecito o con mis mejores amigos fashionistas.

ps. I don't own these photos.

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